Local Content Implementation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Local Content Implementation in the Oil and Gas Industry.


Local Content is a critical issue in the oil and gas industry and must be factored into every field development plan and operations. Therefore understanding local content and designing a framework for implementing it within each project helps immensely to ensure that project objectives are realised. In addition, understanding and complying with local content regulatory requirements is important to avoid regulatory sanctions, and is good business.

Addressing it goes a long way in enhancing local capacity building leading to the development of the local supply chain. A developed local supply chain improves efficiency of operations, minimising risk along the supply chain, as well as contributing not only to overall project cost reduction, but also helps in mitigating socio-economic and political risks associated with the development of oil and gas projects.

This course will expose participants to a comprehensive treatment of the issues around local content in the oil and gas industry, showing how they can comply with the regulatory, contractual and policy requirements, as well designing a fit-for-purpose local content framework, the implementation of which will stave off associated risks and enhance the value of their projects.

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