Logistics and Fleet Management

Logistics and Fleet Management


Fleet management is the function that oversees, coordinates and facilitates various transport and transport related activities. For the purpose of this document it will cover vehicles involved in the movement of goods; the management of light vehicle fleets used in the transportation of people and light cargo; possibly motorbikes and other equipment such as generators and warehouse handling equipment. Fleet management underpins and supports transport related activities through the management of the assets that are used.

Effective fleet management aims at reducing and minimizing overall costs through maximum, cost effective utilization of resources such as vehicles, fuel, spare parts, etc

The administration and financial management of fleet is very organisational specific. It largely depends on donor requirements and organisational policies.
For example, in some organizations, vehicles are restricted to specific projects and others utilize vehicle pools to serve multiple projects. Driving policies can vary from a strict reliance on a dedicated driver from the organization, to using staff to drive the vehicles. The administrative policies of the individual organization will dictate which approach will be utilized. This results in the custodian of the fleet management function to be very much dependant on organizational policies and structures.

• Acquisition Process
• Insurance
• Vehicle leasing (Internal & external)
• Vehicle Management
• Fleet management systems
• Vehicle maintenance and up-keep
• Vehicle usage
• Vehicle disposal.
• Health, Safety & Security.
• Complying with Legislature and security requirements.
• Drivers sportation facilities
• Discovering the most competent delivery method
• Using software and IT resources to proficiently handle related processes.
• Choosing the most effective routes for transportation,
• Determines transportation, production, scheduling and research processes.
• Determines the rate of production material, supply consumption and flow of finished goods.

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