Protocol and Logistics Management

Protocol and Logistics Management Training


As it is the financial goal of every organization to minimize cost and maximize profit; the ability of a protocol manager to manage logistics is vital to the organization. Protocol and Logistics management is a supply chain management component which is used to meet client demands through the planning, control and implementation of the effective movement and storage of related information, goods and services from origin to destination. Proper management of protocol and logistics helps companies reduce expenses and enhance customer service.

The logistics management process begins with raw material accumulation to the final stage of delivering goods to the destination. In logistics management, unwise decisions create multiple issues. For example, deliveries that fail or are delayed lead to buyer dissatisfaction. Most of these problems occur due to improper decisions related to outsourcing, such as selecting the wrong vendor or carrying out delivery tasks without sufficient resources.

This Course is designed to help participants focus on collaboration rather than competition, red flag when unwise decisions are made and possible correction. Also the rewards and consequences of good and bad collaborations respectively.

• To help companies reduce expenses and enhance customer service.
• Ensure appropriate selection of vendors with the ability to provide transportation facilities.
• Discovering the most competent delivery method.
• Using software and IT resources to proficiently handle related processes.
• Choosing the most effective routes for transportation.
• Determines transportation, production, scheduling and research processes.
• Determines the rate of production material, supply consumption and flow of finished goods. Choosing the most effective routes for transportation.

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